Farsi Language Map Series by Bilingual Books

Handle basic foreign language needs with ease!

A trip to Iran is fascinating!  Colorful bazaars, warm hospitality and a unique cultural heritage await you.  Knowing a few simple words like "where" (koh-jaa) and "when" (kay) can make a huge difference in your travels.  Make the most of your experience by having the essential words and phrases right at your fingertips with FARSI a language map®.

This clever language guide covers all your language needs.  Asking for directions, ordering tea or purchasing souvenirs is simply a breeze.  The snap-open and fold design is easy to use.  Light-weight and durable, you can take it everywhere, from the ancient ruins in Persepolis to the exotic teahouses in Esfahan.

When you're ordering lunch, looking for your hotel or trying to find a restroom you'll appreciate having the right words and phrases at your fingertips. This Farsi Language Map® provides hundreds of essential words and phrases.

Special Features:

  • Divided into useful categories like "Meeting People," "Dining Out," and "Transportation."
  • Folds up like a Map and is only 4 1/4" wide X 10 3/4" long and barely 1/8" thick when folded.
  • Easy Layout-just scan across the line, first you'll see English, then your target language  followed by the phonetics.
  • Full color original artwork-each map is embellished with orignal watercolor art.
  • Laminated for durability and useage even in wet weather

PRICE:  $9.95