There are specific guidelines for appropriate dress in Iran, which are enforced by law.

For men, jeans and t-shirts are acceptable. Shorts are highly discouraged. Long-sleeved shirts are recommended when visiting holy sites or locals in their homes. Ties are not necessary.

For women, the Islamic dress code, hijab, is stricter and must be followed at all times when in public (even on a tour bus or at the hotel breakfast). In brief, the point of hijab is to encourage modesty, and its basic (and unwritten) rules are that a woman must wear loose-fitting garments and she must show only her hands and face. It is required for all females traveling to Iran to wear a full hijab outfit, with head covering, when entering the country. You should have appropriate clothing in your carry-on to change into aboard the plane. We offer the video below for a complete explanation of hijab, so that you are prepared for arrival in Iran and throughout your stay.

Currently we do not offer any items of hijab in our store, except for a headscarf, but there are some very good websites listed in the printed documents you will receive, where you can research and purchase items of traditional Islamic fashion.

Preparing for your visit to Iran: "Looking Good in Iran: Hijab How-Tos"